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I have this girlfriend who keeps telling me that she just can’t find anything on eBay and she always says it is hard to believe that I often buy so many clothes on this website.

Although the poor quality of some items, I still think that for less that 5€/£ they go pretty well with some looks.

And lets face it, I’m not planning to marry inside this clothes so I’m really happy with the most of my shopping.

Telling the truth, I’ve found many clothes from eBay on great Bloggers Instagram as well so… I’m here to help you ladies, and from now long, I’m sharing the items I’m buying from the website.


From this look:

  • The trousers I’m wearing are from Zara but I guess they are not available anymore so I found a really great option from eBay for less than 10€/£
  • You already know I’m always looking for promos so I got this beautiful bag from MissPap for 9£. Now it costs 16£, it’s up to you babes ❤


Click on the images to go into items links to buy them!


Thank me latter ❤


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